5 Points to implement an eCommerce

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We have seen a lot of times the great success of national and international companies which dare to venture into the ecommerce world, but, what makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful ecommerce? It is a good question on which we will address important points to take into account when you want to develop an ecommerce or move the sale of physical stores to online sales:

1.- A solid technological base

We have to think very carefully about where we want to go with our eCommerce in order to identify the most appropriate technology for the work without having any impact on future business decisions. A lot of times taking the easy way in a short term is a good idea, but when the business grows faster than expected, we would like to have a system that can easily adapt to the eCommerce’s growth. There are many options in the market, such as Magento, Solidus, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, Sylus, Oracle commerce cloud, VTEX, etc. You can even choose your own development if the frameworks in the market do not meet the expectations.

Customer service

It is really important to show empathy to the clients who trust you enough to be their supplier for their products. You have to maintain a direct contact line between business and client either by telephone or through social media. We must constantly know how the customers feel about our product, if they are satisfied with its quality, price, color and even with the time that it will take to be finished. All these points help us improve as a business, so we can create strategies to mitigate the most common problems that customers complain about.

Free shipping

Offering free shipping is a great plus since it plays an important role in the purchase decision. If it is not possible for you to offer free shipping on all the products, you can opt for other options, such as applying it for purchases greater than the specific total that will allow you to afford the shipment without critically affecting the revenue you expected.



The more comfortable a client feels when navigating through a site, the more chances of a successful sale there are, so you must work on strategies in order to make the shopping experience a pleasant one. A good design, constant changes, campaigns that involve changes in the site to the speed with which you can navigate through the pages of your eCommerce can help you get more sales.


Payment methods

It is very important to cover multiple payment options (PayPal, debit/credit cards, convenience stores, and gift cards). It is fundamental to offer all these kind of options in order to be able to get a successful sale.

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