6 Easy Steps For Product Management in Ecommerce

Ecommerce Product Manager
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Product Management in Ecommerce involves the process of conceiving, planning, developing, testing, launching, and delivering in the market, ecommerce sites, apps or parts of its system like the checkout flow.

A good Product Manager looks after the development of products that are user-oriented, feasible and valuable. For MagmaLabs, it’s important to satisfy customer needs and accomplish business goals at the same time. Therefore we recommend to follow these 6 easy steps for Product Management in Ecommerce, so you can launch a product that fits the market and maximizes the revenue for your company.


  1. Listen and research

The first step to follow is to gather information from customers, target, competitors and team, in order to obtain the product details, market needs and user flow. It’s important to hear and understand every outcome of the research to make better-informed decisions when developing an ecommerce.

Identify the business problems and analyze how the team will develop the best solution.


  1. Prioritize what to build

Keep in mind the effort and hours that each product feature will take to develop. Determine which one delivers enough value to be worth the time and justify why are you considering on the top of the list.

team communication

  1. Communicate internally

Maintain an excellent communication with the development team to explain what they are going to build and how engineers and designers can collaborate to success in the process.


  1. Keep track of time, cost and quality

An Ecommerce Product Manager needs to be organized to keep updated information about deadlines, budget spent and quality assurance in every stage of the project.


  1. Communicate externally

Customers should be aware of what was built. Inform how the product it used so you can test it with a segment of the target, to analyze and improve their user experience and system usability.


  1. Launch and analyze impact

Once you have officially launched an ecommerce product to the market, development doesn’t stop. You need to measure the impact through analytics of the site and conversion rates. Also it’s useful to get reviews and feedback to evaluate the product and solve any problems or update features.
From the beginning to the end of an ecommerce product development, a Product Manager needs to be analytical, efficient, flexible and collaborative in each stage. When Product Management follows the process with constant communication and frequent evaluation, the product will improve continuously until its successful launch to the market.

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