7 Types of technologies that will help you get an edge in sales

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Developing a strong sales team without the right tools is an impossible task. With so many companies fighting you for every single lead, you need to do as much as possible to give your sales staff an edge.

Here are seven types of technology that will help your sales team fight off the competition and make more sales:

1. Social Selling Tools

Evidence shows that salespeople who focus on social media platforms outsell their colleagues over 75% of the time. If you hand your team social selling tools, they will clearly have an edge. Three different types of social selling tools you will want your team using are:

  • Listening.
  • You will want to know exactly what your audience cares and talks about. You can use social listening software to break down the interests of your audience and your most important influencers. Most importantly, you can track any mentions of your brand or even your competition.

  • Content creation and posting.
  • Managing social media platforms is time-consuming, so you need something to make it easy. The right social media software suite will be able to schedule posts across multiple platforms. You can even do things like automatically send people a direct message to wish them a happy birthday or sales anniversary.

  • Integration.
  • Lastly, you will want the ability to augment your existing customer records with the information you have from social media. By investing in a social CRM, you will have a better picture of exactly who your prospects and customers are, and you will be more prepared to pitch them.

    2. Email Tracking Software

    Tracking your email campaign’s open rates, attachment opens and click-throughs are not enough to give you an edge since everybody has that information. You will need something like Yesware that goes above and beyond by focusing on prescriptive analytics. Some tools like SalesHandy also gives you the ability to send personalized emails en-masse alongside tracking important metrics. This type of information is focused on actionable events and real-time results, telling you exactly what to do to improve your email marketing. This kind of flexibility makes it easy for your sales team to reach more prospects and close more business.

    3. Motivational Tools

    Salespeople must be extremely competitive to be successful, so it is important to provide them proper incentives at all times. Tools such as LevelEleven make it easy to instantly create and update sales leadership or performance recognition programs. It even integrates with certain CRM systems to update everything automatically for you. Sometimes a little extra incentive is all your sales team needs to outperform the competition.

    4. Web Conferencing Tools

    A web conferencing tool that enhances communication between your sales team and your customers or prospects is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Conferencing software like Zoom allows your sales team to instantly create conference rooms that allow for video conferencing and screen sharing on the fly. For maximum convenience, you can create a Zoom Room, which creates a permanent conference room at a set URL. If a customer has a quick question you can simply send them the link to your Zoom Room and conference with them on a minute’s notice.

    5. Competitive Analysis Tools

    Finding untouched high-value accounts is a struggle for any salesperson. That is why competitive analysis tools such as Datanyze are the key to strengthening your team. By taking a look at your existing valuable accounts, Datanyze is able to instantly generate a model that finds similar untouched accounts. Using an enormous customer database of their own, you will be provided a list of potentially high-value prospects that are likely to buy from you. This automatic competitive analysis allows your team to spend less time researching and more time selling.

    6. Document Analytics

    Generating quotes is a critical task, but many companies do not pay much attention to it. Some salespeople issue quotes that are so high that it scares prospects away, while other times they may share quotes that are so low that they leave cash on the table. For instance, software like PandaDoc simplifies the quoting process, automatically calculating profit margins and discounts, and using your existing CRM system to generate quotes. It also helps streamline the document management process, saving your sales team a great deal of time.

    7. Predictive Dialers

    Responding to leads in a timely manner can be tough to coordinate for busy salespeople who often have little downtime in between sales calls. However, sales teams can use a predictive dialer system my team and I at Tenfold have developed which improves performance by logging every call automatically and enforcing best practices among your team. Incoming leads are pushed to the front of the queue, ensuring no leads are ever left hanging. By automating the process and forcing efficiency, more leads are called. In the end, your team reaches more interested prospects and thus closes more business.

    Your sales department is the lifeblood of your company. If they aren’t performing well, revenue will falter. By providing your sales team access to the seven technologies described above, your sales team and your company will have a huge edge over the competition to tip the scales of success in your favor.

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