5 Next Key Dates For Ecommerce Sales

holiday ecommerce sales calendar
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We are in the middle of the year, so this is the last chance you get to ensure that your ecommerce is performing in an optimal way, improve your user experience and boost your ecommerce marketing strategy before holidays arrive.

There are 5 key dates in the rest of 2017, that can impact directly your ecommerce sales:

1. September 4: Labor Day

This day marks the end of summer and the beginning of back-to-school. Usually, back-to-school shoppers begin since April but at this date, you can push forward your ecommerce marketing to launch a last-minute promotion or sale if your products are related to this season.

2. October 31: Halloween

Halloween is the 4th largest ecommerce sales holiday. You can execute fun marketing campaigns related it and integrate your products or services if applicable. Consider UX/UI design changes that you can make like special content creation, illustrations or ecommerce template adaptation to the celebration.

 3. November 24: Black Friday

Adobe reports that on 2016, Black Friday became the first day in retail history to surpass $1 billion in mobile sales at $1.2 billion, which is 33 percent higher than 2015. This is an important statistic to consider if your ecommerce is not mobile-friendly because you must be able to offer the best mobile user experience in order to increase conversion rates.

4. November 27: Cyber Monday

According to Qubit, on 2016, ecommerce traffic increased 155% on Cyber Monday when compared to a normal sales day. If you want to be prepared to receive this increase of traffic, keep in mind to optimize your ecommerce performance with quality assurance.

5. December 11: Green Monday

This is the largest ecommerce sales day in December. Last Green Monday, online consumer spending amounted a total of 1,621 million of dollars, the highest number from 2005 to 2016, so it will probably increase this 2017. Make sure that your site or ecommerce app stands out.

Remember that ecommerce competition is more aggressive during holidays. Prepare your ecommerce platform and integrate all the necessary features with a top development team before you ran out of time!



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