Keep Learning: Switching to a #Kickass Mindset through Learning Experience

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At MagmaLabs we continuously transform ourselves; we are always looking for a constant improvement of our culture, our processes, our effectiveness, our offer, and mainly our people. Also, the mantras that motivates and inspires us to be our very best selves are: Work Smart, Enjoy!, Give Back!, and Keep Learning. Thanks to this last, and as part of our next cultural transformation, we have decided to develop a new approach within the company: Talent Development.

Keep Learning

Be humble enough to realize that every day, since you open your eyes, you have the opportunity to grow, to continue learning. Have an indomitable will and ambition that will take you from good to great and to exceed the standards —always with a focused purpose.

That is the very core concept of our mantra: Keep Learning. It is all about having enough ambitions and being curious to learn from everything around us, both personally and professionally.

It is about making an impact

Our passion guides us in achieving what others in the industry have not been able to do. Building something unique and special inspires us to be growing continually; that is why we seek to set the bar even higher. That is being #Kickass! And that is the mindset we want everyone at MagmaLabs to have.

But, how can we achieve what we are looking for?

How do we get a #Kickass mindset?

Switching to a #Kickass Mindset

We are all owners of our own growth.

Kickass people are the ones who are in constant development:

  • They are always looking for new things to try
  • They are in constant learning
  • They constantly create great content, such as blog posts, videos, books, etc.
  • They share their experience and knowledge by giving conferences
  • They look for feedback to continue growing

Growth. A #Kickass person doesn't wait to be told, they demand to be given.

We know not everyone is ready for a change, but we wanted everyone in the same boat. That made us think: How can we do that?

How can we make everyone at MagmaLabs grow? And, how do we achieve them to have a #Kickass mindset?:

“Teach them throughout the best Learning Experience possible”.

That’s how our Talent Development initiative and Talent Manager role was born. To achieve the best culture of effectiveness possible through a switch to a global #Kickass Mindset at MagmaLabs.

A quick view across our Learning Experience

We see our Learning Manager more as a couch rather than just a teacher who makes presentations.

For example, the role mantra is Blended Learning: effectively blending work and learning.

As a service company we cannot stop operating regularly, and as professionals we cannot stop growing. So, how do we achieve both things?

Let’s say that through activities and content generation we refine the Learning Experience. We do not think that this experience needs a bunch of information or learning tools, we expect that everyone at Magmalabs acquires more technical knowledge and soft skills in workshops where we focus more on activities and in reducing information, so we can measure engagement and understanding, not a grade as in school.

The truth is that ideally we expect that everyone at MagmaLabswill be accountable for their own results, generate initiatives and follow up thoroughly and strategically on them, and fulfill their commitments.

We really do know we are going to make a great impact through this learning experience, and you want to know the very best part of it? We are going to share this with our community! So, expect more of this and: let’s grow together!

To be continued…

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