5 Expert Tips to Increase Ecommerce Traffic and Conversion Rates

ecommerce traffic and conversion rate
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As an Expert Ecommerce Consultancy, we know how important is to achieve your business goals after the launch of your site. You can have the best platform and the best features integrated to your online store, but if you don’t have a clear digital strategy focused on customer acquisition, your ecommerce will be destined to fail.

Check these 5 expert tips to increase ecommerce traffic and conversion rates to stay competitive and beat your competition.

1. “If you want to run an effective ecommerce SEO campaign, make sure to kick things off with keyword research.”

- Brian Dean (Backlinko)

Ecommerce SEO

According to Kissmetrics 30.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from search engines. In order to optimize your product and category pages, you need to find the best keywords that drive targeted traffic to your ecommerce. Here is a useful and complete SEO guide to do it.

2. “Speed up your checkout process to increase purchases.”

- Talia Wolf (Talia Wolf's CRO Training & Consulting)

ecommerce speed up checkout

Amazon introduced 1-click checkouts for a reason. If you reduce the amount of time and effort to complete checkout process, your purchases will increase. The longer it takes to checkout, the more time people have to second-guess their decision.

3. “Have a live chat service to your check out especially if your products are mid-market to pricey or complicated.”

- Kunle Campbell ( 2X eCommerce)

ecommerce livechat

It’s common that people have questions at checkout. You should definitely have a chat avoid confusion and assess your customers during their shopping experience. It’s also very helpful to identify UX/UI design weaknesses and lack of product information.

4. “When you send a promotional email, remind recipients of what they love of your ecommerce.”

- Shanelle Mullin (Conversion XL)

ecommerce email marketing

According to Convince and Convert, 44% of recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. When you think of the content that your promotional email should include, remember the last thing your customers purchased and make recommendations based on that product.

5. “Despite its low ad clickthrough rate, display advertising generates awareness of your brand, or a new product or service.”

- Dave Chaffey (Smart Insights)

ecommerce awareness

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