MagmaConf ’14 LiveBlogging: Sandi Metz – 100 miles of hill

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Sandi starts her keynote by how she started her well-known book called 'Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby'. It took her 3 years to finished the book and involved lots of efforts for lots of people.

She was required to write a 350-page book in a short period of time.

She started to write the book but kept it as a secret. She had an outline, but doesn't feel they are useful.

Michael, regardless not being a technical person, helped her and encouraged her to continue with the book. Eight months later, she got sick of it and was about to quit.

Perseverance and passion is needed to accomplished a long-term goal.

In spring of 2012, she realized she was finished the book.

About the speaker

Sandi Metz (@sandimetz)

Sandi Metz has 30 years of experience working on projects that survived to grow and change. She describes herself as an obsessive programmer, Rubyist, cyclist and recalcitrant blogger. Author of “Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby”

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