The Importance of UX in marketing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Having a great marketing tactic cannot be useful if we do not offer a memorable customer experience. 

As a marketer, I was taught to never assume anything, to always ask, and to create my own point of view, opinion or tactic from the responses I get.

It is always important to know how the customer wants to feel, understand the context we are working on and the needs we are trying to satisfy.  Conduct user testing with people who are our target market can be surprisingly useful if we want to have a further approach to the user’s psychology. 

What’s the point of marketing if you don’t have a user-friendly product to offer? 

We want to engage potential customers with our websites, promotions, and content. However, it is impossible to accomplish this if we are only offering them poor experiences while navigating. 

It is always smart to know what’s important for our users in order to design / create content for them.  If we know how they think, what they like, their needs, their general conduct while shopping, and their feelings towards the brand or product,  we can ensure to boost our business conversion in some way. 

Here is where UX #JoinsTheChat.  

Articulating the offer while being clear and persuasive is not always a job for the marketing department. Of course, writing a convincing copy and persuading users to take action is a big part of creating some type of conversion. Laying out our pages correctly and using on-page elements is very important to help every already-planned marketing effort get executed and accomplished. As a result of being a big influence on the user’s feelings towards our brand. 

Projecting quality, attention to details and avoiding as much as possible frustration while navigating through our site can be helpful to succeed in brand awareness among our users. Working together, marketing and UX can offer an attractive core user experience to ensure that all of our marketing efforts are accomplished, people get engaged, satisfaction is built in users and potential customers are developed. 

A valuable experience will always result in retention. If we can create a good, valuable experience, it will lead us to accomplish a higher retention rate. This can only be perfectly executed if both of our pieces (marketing and UX) synchronize and work together. 


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