Why are QA’s a must-have within a Successful Business?

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So, you want to improve your company and products’ quality in order to increase your sales, but you think Quality Assurance is a loss of time in the building process of your project…

Well, I would like to explain to you why it is important to have someone in charge of the project's quality.

person dedicated to Quality Assurance helps projects and teams to have an efficient, stable product, and of course with the highest quality possible. I am pretty sure that is the goal for all QA teams, and here at MagmaLabs, it is not the exception.

In order to achieve this goal, it is not only important to know how to prevent risk, but also to check the developers’ work, detect defects, and report issues; There is also a bunch of soft skills which all QA's should possess.

So I want to show you 5 main basic skills that in my opinion will help your product and your company to obtain more positive results:

1. Empathy

The QA member is not only involved in the role of the end-user, but they are also in the role of providing positive results, so; how is this achieved? Developing empathy with you, understanding your needs and especially your business in order to give initiatives and build what you really need.

2. User’s Experience

Making your client happy is the most important task, however, why only focusing on your client and not on your longing? Placing your client interests first will lead you to obtain the best results for your investment. And to achieve that, we must focus on the experience the end-user has while using your application.

3. Analytical thinker

"Thinking outside the box", We will know your system from the top to the bottom, being creative and astute will help us to look for ways to break the system. This way will not only ensure things work as expected, "the happy path" (ideal scenario featuring no error conditions) but it also ensures finding any possible scenario (unhappy path) that the end-user could face.

4. Anticipate it

Be assured that we can find and anticipate any possible risks during the development of your product. It is part of our job to analyze, think and let you know with anticipation of future risks.

5. Attention to detail

Even the smallest one counts. Our ability to pay attention to every detail will ensure that your product looks as you requested, cosmetically speaking. The mockup and your final product must look like two drops of water.

Building a stable, efficient product with positive results for your business that leads into profit, it is not an easy task, but there is a way to achieve it: involving a Quality Assurance member during the whole process of your product development. This will add a lot of value to your business, and it will ensure that the end user's experience is good, this will attract all those important leads you expect to have, all of this resulting in a good business.

Now that you know a little more about how you can have and achieve those benefits (for your company or business) by having a QA member in your project, What are you waiting for to increase your sales?

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