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Currently, social media is one of the things we use as part of our daily routine. Most of us wake up to our phone ́s alarm, we turn it off and then we use it to see what´s new in the outside world, what are the newest trends, and what people are up to.

In a technology company, social media plays an important role. Professionals must be informed about any new creations, updates and sometimes even personal information about the people they are working with.

I´m Brenda and part of my job is to help create a community from the inside of the company and show it to the viewers, to the possible new prospects and leads. Using big platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share what a company does, may be helpful to promote our workspace with the right target audiences. Here are some tips that have worked for me:


Talking to them while they are making some coffee or having lunch can be a great opportunity to get to know them (what they like and what they do when they are out of work). With this information, we can brainstorm new campaigns that promote their lifestyle at the office or outside of it and start attracting new followers into our social media by showing them personal aspects of the employees.


Using some inspiration from big companies can also be useful to begin our own ideas. Being aware that we will use it as inspiration, not copying any of what they do or have done. An original feed will always be more attractive than one that looks almost the same as another one. To create an original feed is necessary to have the idea of what we want to show, keeping in mind the company's colors to create a filter that will make the images attractive. Also, Image descriptions, emojis, and hashtags must be used correctly in order to attract more people.


An important thing to be aware of is the language we will be using at each social media and the voice that will be given to each of the image descriptions. Maintaining a clean and friendly language will be useful to improve the communication between the company and its followers by creating a bond between them.

Whatever we share on social media must be accurate and in ethical content; meaning that we have to double-check any information we are planning on posting.


Consistency is the key that will help people from outside of your community to notice your social media profiles and start supporting your community posts. Being consistent in our posting will allow our brand to be recognized, grow in audience and engagement.

I hope these tips are helpful and remember: Keep on posting and be creative!

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