How Quality Assurance Works on Agile Projects in MagmaLabs

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Did you know?

In each project at MagmaLabs, there is a person in charge of the quality of the final product according to our client’s needs.

The Quality Assurance Team
If you are interested in how this is possible let me invite you to continue reading this blog post.

Before we start, I would like to explain how we work here in MagmaLabs.

In MagmaLabs we work with a methodology called Agile. It has been one of the most popular methodologies during the past years because of its incredible flexibility, letting us change our priorities in every stage of our project.
Just like in the image below:

Design sprint.

But during which phases and exactly how is the quality of your project assured?

In this stage, the Quality Assurance Team has the responsibility of checking and accepting that designs are as consistent as needed in every page and that it’s easy for the user to follow workflows and carry out the desired tasks.

Grooming Sprint Planning.

In this phase, designs are all ready. Now is the moment to check that all features have purposes, what is the result each user during each action will get using buttons, links, images, etc. Where the most common questions are why? how? what happens if? what happens if the user does?

Each one of the questions will be put in the description with a ticket to know exactly what to build.
Either way, the developer, and the tester have to come to an agreement about the needed time to solve the ticket from “in progress” until the tester says its ready to get launched

Product Development

The Quality Assurance Team is in charge of generating each possible scenario when the site “stage” gets ready. Here we think of each one of the paths “happy, alternative and exception”, everything that the final user can possibly do in the site (these paths are called test cases).

Testing Time

All finished features are sent to the environment stage, where the Quality Assurance Team is in charge of trying each one of the Test Cases generated in the previous stage, trying to find and report each one of the bugs.

Each unexpected behavior found, will be fixed by the development team, this process of bug fixing is done until the quality assurance team gives the legendary: Looks Good to Me so the feature can be sent to production.


In MagmaLabs our main objective is that the project in which we work together has top quality to assure your customer can use the product the best way possible according to their needs and priorities, and in this way helping you get customer satisfaction which can be translated into better income for your company.

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