Why your company needs a Brand Mascot?

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A Brand Mascot is a character created with the purpose to represent a brand/company in order to create a bond between it and its users. These characters can be humans, animals or even animated objects, such as our very own ‘Flow Velázquez’, the lava lamp.

The first version of ‘Flow Velázquez’ was only used for the company’s internal releases, and his appearances were not that constant. With its new design, we wanted the character to have a better expression, also we changed his morphology so it could interact with objects and adapt to the environment easily. Since that moment on, Flow has been an essential part of MagmaLabs visual communication; having great acceptance both inside and outside our community, even keeping up with ‘Octocat’ from GitHub.

During this time, I have noticed the benefits of using/having a Brand Mascot on a company’s branding strategy. Here you have some of the most important ones:

  • A Brand Mascot is just perfect to share your company’s values and ideals both in an internal way to your own employees, and external way to your followers, current consumers, prospects or future clients. For that reason, it is essential that your mascot always gives a positive and optimistic message.
  • You differentiate yourself from your competition thanks to your mascot. The public will remember you in an easier way if you have an element capable of creating a connection between them.
  • You can use it as an important piece of your marketing strategy. From stickers to animations or videos with their own stories that help to share the company’s social conscience.
  • A mascot can create loyalty in both employees and consumers towards the company. By showing the values, it is easier for users to identify what the brand actually promotes, therefore they have more fidelity towards it.
  • Your company’s social media and external communication will be more dynamic and attractive since the use of these characters will always help catch your viewers’ eyes.

These were some examples of the benefits that a company could have when using a Brand Mascot; however, I would like to emphasize that it is not only about ‘having’ your character, it is important that it reflects the values of the company correctly and while being visually attractive. If your company does not count with professionals in the branding/marketing area, you need to go with someone who can help you to create your own character that conveys everything your brand wants to represent and communicate.

If you want to know more about the redesigning Flow Velázquez project, click on the following link:


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