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I live in a small city with breathtaking volcano views.

Sergio 'Tapiro' Velasco is a photojournalist, documentary and nature photographer.

I want to share with you a small story, it isn’t about me, but about an experience. I don't know if you've heard, this year we’ll host MagmaConf on March 29, 30 and 31 2017. Let's all be on the same page:

What is MagmaConf?

MagmaConf is one of the most important community tech conferences in Mexico. We showcase innovative sessions for Engineers and Designers at a tropical venue that allows fun and casual networking.

magmavillage magmaconf
Photo: Konstantin Haase

MagmaConf has been part of our DNA as a company for 7 years now. It's actually where the name of our company stems from. We are very happy to keep doing such an amazing event like this one, because of all the joy and the fun that comes with it. We organize this as the event we'd like to go to, we plan for everyone to be treated as we'd like to be treated when we go to a conference: with respect and feeling like we belong there. One of the best parts is that we get to meet great people! We have met so many friends and have shared a lot of great moments with them. We're really grateful for all of that. 

magmaconf attendees

Nobody believes me when I say MagmaConf is one of the best conferences in Mexico and not just because is on the beach or because of its tropical venue surrounded by beautiful pool houses like the official accommodation the MagmaVillage, but for all the worldwide attendees, the interesting talks and all the amazing people that make this possible.

For me is the most intimate conference I have ever been to. Why do I say that? because you can get to know and hang out with attendees, speakers, keynotes, organizers, sponsors all the same. And that is what makes a difference, makes you feel good to be there, let me tell you. Having a beer with Steve Klabnik and talking about Rust, or asking something to Aaron Patterson about Rails contributions or dancing with Konstantin Haase and Julian Cheal, or playing music with PJ Hagerty (our stellar MC), singing La Bamba with Desi McAdam, asking Sandi Metz to sign the last book you bought from her, listening to recommendations from Gregg Pollack as to what to do to become a better engineer, having interesting talks about life with Yitzchok Willroth and William Kennedy... it really all happens without much effort. I think that it does not matter if you are an extrovert or not, you end up somehow talking to all the people there.

magmaconf speakers

magmaconf speakers2

magmaconf networking

fun magmaconf

MagmaVillage pool

This is a great conference and a lot of people support it, one example is when speakers have asked for crowdfunding to go there, like Noelia Cabane. She received all the support for the community helping her out to come to México from Argentina. Konstantin Haase did that same thing a few years before and has been back every year since.

I enjoy watching people having fun and breathing all the knowledge, taking it all in and sharing their own part. This is all that I have been through the years I have been in all the MagmaConf events from the first to the last one, I've participated as a staff member, giving rides to people to the airport, sometimes very early in the a.m. and it was worth it.


victor staff

Through the years we have reached many people out there that have heard about MagmaConf, and many out there love the conference. We also love tech communities and many of them have been part of the conference too, sometimes as judges (they rate the talks on the CFP) and we also give out discounts to community members. We offer free passes for schools to give away to their students too, so the attendees have different expertise levels, from beginners to experts. And as for multicultural crowds, we've been blessed to have people from a lot of places in the world: Argentina, USA, France, Spain, Germany, Brasil, Guatemala, UK, Japan, Australia, NZ, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, around Mexico and more that I'm sorry I can't remember right now. All of that has been paramount to the vibe we want to continue having.

I’m super excited about it and I’d love to ask for your help on two things. It’ll only take you a minute or two:

1.- We’re looking to secure sponsors for the conference. You can see our prospectus right here, then you can see if we might be a good fit for your company in order to get exposure (we have custom sponsorships*) .

2.- Aside from the sponsorship request, do you have any thoughts for me or feedback? Have you been to any conferences and remembered things you loved or hated? please leave your comments below.

More info and tickets for 2017 edition soon at!

evolution has come magmaconf

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