How-to Hire a Good Product Manager

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Product Management is in charge of the development of products that are user-oriented, feasible and valuable. It satisfies customer needs and accomplish business goals at the same time.

For e-commerce startups and large companies, Product Management is useful to maximize sales revenues, market share and profit margins. If there is an effective Product Management department, the company will save and make more money as a natural consequence.

What are the responsibilities of a product manager?

Product Management is lead by a product manager. The importance of its existence within a company is related to the customer satisfaction and business growth. On a daily basis, product managers deal with different responsibilities from developing an idea to the delivery of the final product.

  • Opportunity analysis

The role of a product manager begins with the analysis of several product ideas to identify a unique opportunity that will satisfy the client’s needs and success in the market.

  • Time efficiency

During the product development, the product manager ensures the efficiency in the process. He sets a strategy that guide engineers to build up the defined product features in the right time.

  • Product consistency

A product manager also looks after the product consistency. He makes sure to keep the team updated with effective communication and clear roadmaps that explain every step of the process to guarantee that the original product definition relies on the final delivery.

  • Contingency and blockers management

There will always be situations that can complicate and block the product development, however a product manager should be able to solve them  and move forward on the process.


How-to Hire a Good Product Manager


As e-commerce and software consultants we recommend to consider these six characteristics for hiring the right product manager:

  • Strong written and verbal communicator
  • Experience leading the development of at least one product from concept to launch
  • Thoughtful decision maker with experience in high-impact environments
  • Great sense of mentorship and leadership
  • Preferably two years of experience in product management
  • Experience working with or at startups and high-growth companies is a plus

Hiring a good product manager will bring different benefits to your company. When Product management is driven by an experienced leader that encourages the team to work together and communicate better during the process, the results are positive for customers and managers.

If you find the right product manager, he can help to make the best decisions during the product development and success in the final delivery to the market.

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