What Is a Product Design Sprint and How-To Develop It

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When embarking on the development of a new business it’s hard to know if the business idea and solution are the right ones. To mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of a product's success in real market conditions you need to develop a Product Design Sprint.
Google Venture’s developed Product Design Sprints based on Design Thinking principles.
Design Thinking is a methodology used to thoughtfully architect methods and techniques to generate early end-user validation. Design Thinking uses the phases of Empathize, Exploration, Ideation, Prototyping and Testing to build and test innovative product ideas.

What is a Product Design Sprint?

Product Design Sprints (PDS) are a five-day exercise/ sprint. They are implemented by a multidisciplinary team that includes someone who would be a customer.
Within the five-day sprint, the team explores the product idea, expands on the product idea, prototypes the product idea, interacts with end users, and tests the product idea.
This process is implemented to gather information about the product that would improve its likelihood of success in the market.

How-To Develop a Product Design Sprint?

In MagmaLabs we use Design Thinking, LeanUX and Agile Development methods to deliver products that ensure accessibility, speed, security, and trust. We help entrepreneurs to take an idea from concept to creation while mitigating the risk of business failure, wasted time, and wasted resources. When developing a Product Design Sprint, we recommend following the next process:
Empathize: Understand
What are the end user needs or problems? What is the job to be done? What are the business needs and technology capacities of the users?
Exploration: Define
What key strategies solve the problems or satisfy the needs? Where does the focus need to be? What is the most effective way to generate a viable product that can have a return of investment?
Ideation: Diverge
How can we explore as many ideas as possible?
Prototyping: Create
Design a product that generates early feedback from end users and tests UX elements.
Testing: Validate
Test the ideas with users, business stakeholders, and technical experts. Incorporate the most relevant feedback.
Based on the results of the Product Design Sprint, you can make an estimate to move forward with the development that more accurately reflects the product, technology, and solution. Therefore, you will provide the best experience for your customers helping them to solve their needs and problems.
Developing a Product Design Sprint is a great idea to get clear data from a realistic prototype, instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good. It helps you to save time, resources and the most important thing...money!
Need help to develop a Product Design Sprint? Contact us at hello@magmalabs.io or visit magmalabs.io to know more about our experience!

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