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How to Build Your First Shopify App

Reading Time: 4 minutes The ecommerce market is growing. And there are a lot of ideas coming up for building online stores. The demand for creating digital products is increasing and one of the easiest ways to develop them is with Shopify. In this guide, we tell you how to build your first Shopify app in 4 steps. Before starting What if you have that cool solution when your store is one in a million and you want to share it with the world? And, why not get some money out of this cool solution? Well, if you are here, I suppose you know […]

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Communication and Coherence: People Management Series 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a leader working with teams, it is important to understand Communication and Coherence. It is also a must to know how they have an impact on a project’s success. Communication and Coherence will improve People Management. Want to know why and how? Keep reading the first of a series of tips on how to become a better people manager. An intro first Some time ago someone asked me: How do you make your teams have more Communication and Coherence? I believe that to succeed on this involves many things. But, in my experience, I have found that cultivating these […]

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Amazon Web Services for React Native Developers – The Series: Chapter 1

Reading Time: 8 minutes AWS provides libraries that can be used easily. Even the documentation on its site is well documented. So, in this blog post, we will digest all that information and tell you how to create an App for exploring the basic libraries to use and interact with it. You will be able to start quickly. Keep reading! Overview As a mobile developer, I always try to know about the most recent technologies to interact with the server. Most of the time, we use Firebase as the primary server technology. So, one day I was looking for more technologies to implement, and […]

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How to add push notification on your React Native project using Firebase

Reading Time: 6 minutes Push notifications make an app more complete. It is an essential plus because it will notify your users more often, therefore they will use your app more. What do you need to enable push notifications in your React Native project app? Keep reading!   Intro Push notifications are the most used feature to send messages to users who have installed an app. That way, you can manage the notifications or alerts you want to send. Keep in mind that, in order to use the notifications, you will need to use Firebase. So, before starting, you must have a Firebase project […]

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Ionic React vs React Native: The differences

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re thinking about building a mobile app, this article is for you. It is kind of obvious that almost everyone has a smartphone these days. However, the mobile development ecosystem is complex. The most popular options to create an app are React Native and Ionic React. Both have a wide community around them, with a strong adoption by big companies and mobile applications used by a very large number of customers. But, which one is better though? What are the differences? Keep reading.   Little context first React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces, specifically for […]

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Profiling on React Native apps

Reading Time: 6 minutes An app is considered to have bad performance if it responds slowly, shows slow animations, freezes, crashes, or uses a lot of battery power. However, we can avoid all these performance issues with something called «profiling». If you need to identify why your app is experiencing lousy performance related to network, memory, graphics, or CPU… keep reading.   Profiling Overview Profiling is a tool that helps us to explore our app deeply. That’s why on this blog post we will go through a set of tools that we can use when we experiment bad app performance! First of all, Profiling […]

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An introduction to Rust

Reading Time: 4 minutes At MagmaLabs we always keep up to date by trying and using new technologies because of our client’s requirements. But, we also keep on trends to feed our curiosity, and learning about Rust couldn’t be the exception. Want to know more about this low-level statically-typed multi-paradigm programming language focused on performance and security? Well, keep reading. A brief intro to Rust Rust is not only one of the most loved languages in recent years, it is also a robust and memory safe language. Oh, and its use in top companies has increased notably! Aside from Ruby and JavaScript, Rust is […]

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4 Signs you might need to start Automating your GUI Functional Tests

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a vast range of different types of testing. However, in this blog post, we will talk about when you should start automating your GUI Functional Tests. Keep reading! 1.- Manual regression scripts are becoming larger Test cases become larger as the application continues to have more functionalities each iteration. Hence, we come to a point where our tests are so hard to maintain and perform. 2.- Application is stable enough and there are parts of it that just won’t change in the short term Changes in software development are pretty common. But, sometimes we get to a point […]

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What is Atomic Design?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Atomic design allows designers to think critically about each component of the design on its own and as part of a larger whole. Knowing the 5 stages of Atomic Design ensures that your designs are consistent and manageable. Keep reading to learn more! Atomic Design: What is that? I am pretty sure that more than one time when you are working on a project or product, you had discussions about Design Systems, Frameworks, or Components with fellow designers and developers. Therefore, I would like to recommend a great methodology for working with the development of these topics. Atomic Design is a […]

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Testing Rails Apps in 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ruby on Rails is amply documented. Many Rails testing guides are comprehensive and curated tutorials that will walk you through a splendid test suit for your Rails 4 app from 2014. Things have changed since then! So, what are the best practices for testing Rails applications in 2021? Keep reading to learn more!   The Test Pyramid Mike Cohn came up with The Test Pyramid in his book Succeeding with Agile, and Martin Fowler polishes the concept in his article The Practical Test Pyramid. In short words, The Test Pyramid is the notion that your test suite should be constructed […]

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