#WeAreMagma: A culture of belonging

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At MagmaLabs we recognize ourselves as growth-oriented professionals with strong core values.

So far, we have been functioning and working as a team together towards our common goals with these guiding principles and fundamental beliefs:

Passion & Hunger

Passion & Hunger to persevere and be consistent, to keep ourselves motivated to continue “hunting”; this help us define our concept of grit.

Passion to persevere means we are consistent with our goals. And, Hunger is our ability to defeat failures through hard work.

We must keep a strong desire for being the best at what we do and to keep moving forward in order to grow.

Growth Mindset

We realize that we can always improve and that talent is something that everyone can build.

Through practice, perserverance, dedication and motivation we can develop our abilities and intelligence. That is our belief of Growth Mindset.


We must be humble to realize that there is always a room for learning and helping others.

The beautiful side to Humility is that we can celebrate other people and look for ways to learn and grow as an individual.


There is an alignment between what we say and what we do, and this behavior should consider the other values.

Integrity is doing the right thing (through your words, actions and beliefs) when no one is watching.

Cultivating a sense of belonging

Now that our full remote modality has allowed us to adapt to a global labor market, our team has transcended cultural barriers even further.

Having people from other countries has allowed us to think more in terms of diversity and inclusion. Plus, now that conversations with messages of tolerance and respect have opened up thanks to movements to defend the rights of minority communities, our desire is that we all feel we belong to our community and that everyone embraces who they are and they let the world know.

So, today we celebrate Pride Day releasing our new value: Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion

At MagmaLabs, we are committed to create and promote a culture of belonging. We look forward to supporting a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

Our initiative focus on building a culture where everyone is equally supported in the journey of achieving their professional goals.

Creating an enjoyable work environment is fundamental to the success of MagmaLabs, so we expect that everyone creates a workplace with culture of mutual respect where each team member is free of harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.

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