5 things you must know about Quality Assurance

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I want to ask you a question…

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about software development?

If your answer is code and programming, let me tell you that just like me a year ago, you don’t know much about testing nor quality assurance, their differences and how QA can save projects from being damaged. This is what I discovered when I first started working at MagmaLabs.

Now, I want to share 5 of the things I’ve learned here at Magmalabs, in the hope of helping anyone who wants to learn about Quality Assurance.

What is  QA?

According to the ISO 9000, Quality Assurance is “The part of  quality management focus which provides confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled” So, we could define quality assurance as a person who makes sure that the project meets the client’s expectations

What is it the difference between being QA and a tester?

I’ll try to explain the best I can:

  1. QA is in charge of improving the quality of the development process and the prevention of risk.
  2. Testing is in charge of finding bugs before the final user does.

We can summarize this as QA + Tester = Good Software

Is having a QA in every project important?

QA can bring a lot of benefits during the life cycle of the process, for instance: Ensuring the effectiveness of the process being followed,  giving you high-quality output and the one I think is the most important advantage; “Achieving customer satisfaction which in turn influences their brand and helps their business grow”

Why does QA have the last word?

I think the real meaning of this is: If you want a good product with the best practices and processes, then the quality assurance area should be in charge of saying “Let’s release this to production”

What are the benefits of working with QA in your projects?

  • We can help correctly deliver product development and associated processes according to your needs.
  • We can prevent mistakes or defects in products
  • We can help our clients achieve their goals

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