Ecommerce and today’s technology – A developer’s perspective.

The past 10 years of this millennium has ushered an era like none witnessed before in the industry of ecommerce. Today’s modern and state-of-the-art technology has played a tremendous role in taking ecommerce trends 2018 to the zenith where it now reigns supreme. Most developed nations of the world have harnessed its limitless potential in economy and nation-building. According to a study by E-marketer, in 2016 China alone amassed a whopping $900 billion from ecommerce alone while the US made over $423 billion on retail sales and revenue. Technology is the driving force steering the wheels of ecommerce. With every […]

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5 things you must know about Quality Assurance

I want to ask you a question… What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about software development? If your answer is code and programming, let me tell you that just like me a year ago, you don’t know much about testing nor quality assurance, their differences and how QA can save projects from being damaged. This is what I discovered when I first started working at MagmaLabs. Now, I want to share 5 of the things I’ve learned here at Magmalabs, in the hope of helping anyone who wants to learn about Quality Assurance. What […]

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Technology & Business

The importance of IT to every sector including the business sector in today’s world cannot be overstated. It is a vital asset and if channeled correctly can take your business to the pinnacle. There aren’t a lot of businesses these days that can thrive without some sort of technology; it is in fact almost impossible. Below are a few areas in which IT can immensely contribute to your business; SWIFT AND FAR-REACHING COMMUNICATION. Recent improvements to the internet and allied devices such as smartphones and laptops have taken Communications to a higher level of speed and coordination. The days of […]

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How to select the next TextInput after pressing the “next” keyboard button

See code on Github Navigating between text fields using the keyboard is very convenient to improve the user experience in your apps. As more and more apps offer this kind of experience, it’s essential that you optimize your app to support interactions through the keyboard device. It’s possible for Android users to navigate between Text fields using the keyboard, because Android enables most of the necessary behaviors by default. However, this is not a native iOS feature; even though, this is a feature in an iOS browser. The keyboard navigation buttons work automatically if you display an HTML form inside […]

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6 best ecommerce entrepreneur tools you need in your life

Digital tools help you to run your business better — but which ones do you need to prioritize? When it comes to useful online tools for the budding ecommerce entrepreneur, there are PLENTY to choose from. Below, we’ve listed the 6 top tools that you NEED for your business. EOFire (Entrepreneurs on Fire) EOFire (Entrepreneurs on Fire) is an award-winning podcast which focuses on the journey taken by a whole variety of successful business people. It’s an excellent source of information for entrepreneurs at any stage. In each fascinating podcast episode, each guest is asked to explain what drives them, […]

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User Experience applied on Quality Assurance

Before I started working at this company as a QA tester, I worked as a graphic designer doing some editorial content. At that time, I thought being a QA wouldn’t be that different from being a designer and that the same principles of editorial design could be applied to web design, it was later when I realized that only some principles are related. The main differences are that printed, the items do not interact with each other, and on the web, you must understand customer habits – how they move through the website and how they interact with the information. […]

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Background job for uploading an image from a remote URL using paperclip and sidekiq

Sometimes, we need to upload images to our servers to avoid dependencies on third parties also, for instance, an RSS feed or an external API. This process might take a long time with Paperclip depending on the weight of the original image and the number of sizes (large, small, thumb, etc.) that Paperclip has to create from the original image and also if the storage of Paperclip is on a local store or an external store like Amazon S3. The best way to do this is running on a background worker to improve the performance experience. To enqueue this process […]

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Using Knockout in Magento 2

Many people who are new to Magento and have read about Knockout JS before will think this is just confined to the new checkout page (and this is where Knockout JS is mainly used in M2). In reality, Knockout JS can be used anywhere within the front-end to create anything from a custom color picker to your own custom image viewer. Now we know how Knockout JS can be used within Magento 2, so let’s jump into a quick example of how to set up a basic component. Creating a component In this example, we’ll be defining a component outside […]

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