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How to add Subscriptions in React Native: Before starting

Reading Time: 4 minutes This is the first one of a series of posts where we are going to implement mobile payments with React Native by using the react-native-iap library. We will also cover an introduction to mobile subscription payments, how to implement them on iOS or Android, and some additional next steps. Mobile payments are on the rise Mobile wallets are expected to grow more than 30% by 2022, (for extra information click here. It is a good time to start reviewing how to process payments on a mobile app. In this series of posts, we are going to implement mobile payments with […]

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Tips to Write a Blog Post

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here you will learn how to write a blog post with illustrated examples of how to prepare a sandwich. Yes, you read well. We are going to follow a sandwich recipe while learning how to write fine posts for a blog. Curious? Keep reading!   Know the audience Before starting with the good tips: as mentioned before, this is a blog post on how to make, yeah, a blog post. The thing is that some people have problems when writing, expressing themselves, giving structure to a document, and looking for information on a chosen topic. That is why we want […]

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How to become a Remote Worker

Reading Time: 3 minutes You have to Work From Home (WFH), but still don’t know how to manage this sudden change? Sometimes, reading facts about the experience of others who have gone through a similar situation can help us to adapt better. Read this blog post and get into the context of how workers’ lifestyle has changed in the global picture.   An unprecedented change COVID-19 has forced the world into lockdown. And, although the number of people working partially or fully remote has been on the rise for years now, the coronavirus pandemic may have pushed the fast-forward button on this trend. Long […]

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QA & Documentation: Writing a Legacy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you constantly postpone the Documentation on your projects? Well, maybe you have to read this blog post! It was written from the QA approach, but sure you will find something that helps you to organize all the information on your mind.   What is Software Documentation? Why do we find documentation so unattractive? Is documentation boring? Is it just fun for the QA team to break things and find bugs? The truth is that documentation can be tedious, but it is one of the best practices within a project. By definition, ‘documentation’ is a set of documents — usually […]

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Visual Studio App Center for React Native

Reading Time: 4 minutes Visual Studio App Center is a great tool for React Native automated testing. This blog post explains how to implement it on the repositories and how Continuous Integration helps ensure its code repository quality, blocking or merging changes depending on the testing environment, and more. Keep reading!   What is Continuous Integration? Continuous Integration (CI) is a workflow strategy we can use to help we ensure new code will integrate into the current version of our software. At the same time, CI are tools that help us with frequent changes into a repository. In fact, with it, we can run […]

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7 Steps to a Successful Outreach Strategy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you part of a sales team and want to learn new ways to approach clients in a remote way? This blog is for you then! In this first series from the Outreach Ops department, we share how we’ve been generating new strategies when COVID-19 impacted our 2020 sales plans. Keep reading!   Here at MagmaLabs, we’re always in the latest trends when it comes to lead generation: that’s why we like to call ourselves Outreach Kickstarters. Adapting to change In the second quarter of the year, when the COVID-19 pandemic terribly impacted our sales strategies, we started to look at […]

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4 Things You Need To Know Before Starting With Shopify

Reading Time: 6 minutes Working for the first time with Shopify? Do you need a refresher? Read this to get some tips for those newcomers who want to work with the popular e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.   Hello everyone! In this new blog post, I’m going to talk about Shopify. I had the opportunity to work with this e-commerce platform for the first time, and there are many things that I would like to share with you. So, if this is your first time working with it too, or if you’d like to know more about it, please keep […]

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How to Create Your First Lambda Function on AWS

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the beginning, the documentation for AWS LAMBDAS can be intimidating at times, but don’t worry, in this post, I will help you with the first steps to create an AWS LAMBDA Function. Keep reading!   What’s a Lambda Function?​ Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. *Here is Lambda documentation for you to look at it. Also, AWS Lambda can be used to run your code in response to events, such as: Changes to data in an Amazon S3 bucket or an Amazon DynamoDB table; Running your […]

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Functional Programming in a Nutshell (in JS)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Functional Programming (FP) is a great tool to add to your toolbox! It enables you to write simple, predictable, immutable code. It even works nice with Object-Oriented Programming (OPP) —despite what some people will tell you. At the same time, it’s also easy to learn once you understand the core concepts. So, stay and read to take a peek about it.   Huh? Functional Programming? Let’s start with the basics: To speak about Functional Programming we need to begin with the basics: FP is a programming paradigm. It is to say, a way to rationalize a problem and model a […]

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Approaching Rails Legacy Systems Chapter 2: Become a Git Historian

Reading Time: 4 minutes To keep track of how a project has been changing through time is key to provide a big picture of what things have been changing and why. After all, the business logic or the domain required those changes to be recorded. Read this to know why it is important to keep an eye on a project’s history.   Become a Git Historian This is chapter 2 of a series of blog posts about some pieces of advice, tools, and tips you can consider when you arrive at a Rails project considered as Legacy. In the previous chapter, we reviewed our […]

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