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From Biochemical Engineer to Software Engineer: The Journey

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever had the feeling what you are doing does not fill you up? Don’t be afraid to leave it all behind and start on a new path. Read this BP to discover how one of our peers went from being a Biochemical Engineer to a Software Engineer! The beginning First of all, let me tell you how this journey began. I graduated from university as a Biochemical Engineer, and as expected, I did my part and found a job related to my career. I worked in the food industry, in charge of the Quality sector in Microbiology (pretty […]

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6 Tips to Become a Better Software Engineer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Being a Software Engineer is always a bumpy ride. Why? Because in addition to our daily work we also have to deal with the technical stuff and how we interact with the people involved in projects. There are a lot of books, lectures, and videos about how to be a good Software Engineer. I recently read “The good software development manifesto” by Andrew C. Oliver, and let me tell you that it is a very good summary of how to do so. If you want to become better, you should read it. Meanwhile, keep reading the following list of basic […]

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Teamwork: Developers + Designers <3

Reading Time: 4 minutes A definition of teamwork is interacting, discussing, and thinking in a coordinated and cooperative way with a common goal. But sometimes, creating this desirable workflow in a multidisciplinary team can be hard. This article is written from a designer’s perspective on how to really team up with developers when creating a digital product. Keep reading to know how you and your peers can rock as a team! Working together As designers, in the first place, we are concerned with how a product will look and behave in a User Experience (UX). But we often do not take the time to […]

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Answering questions effectively

Reading Time: 2 minutes A leader is someone who helps you to be a better version of yourself. Is someone who must GUIDE and not gives all the answers. Here in this blog post we tell you how to effectively and truly help someone who approaches with a question for solving X problem. Read to learn how to be a real leader. A few days ago someone asked me: Is there a method to share what we know? People approach me with questions, and I find it a bit difficult to make myself understood sometimes when trying to answer those questions. When someone ask […]

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Debugging RubyGems

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes we can run into bugs in our application that seem to come up out of nowhere. Even after debugging the failing element of our app, it’s just not possible to find the cause of the issue. It is at that moment when we start thinking that maybe the error is not in our code base but somewhere else, maybe in one of those suspicious gems we added recently. But, are we right? Well, there’s a way to find out. It’s time to debug those pesky gems!   Why to debug RubyGems There should be hundreds of reasons. According to […]

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How to add a Shopify App to your Store

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever heard about Shopify Apps? Shopify has many custom implementations based on your Store necessities. The best thing is that if there isn’t something to cover them, it will probably be an app for that. Here we’re going to talk about Shopify Apps, and how it works. Keep reading to learn about it! The Basics We’re going to use a sample problem to solve using apps, learn the basics, and get started. Suppose you have a fantastic store, with many sales and delighted clients, but there is a little problem with your logistics costs: You ship your products, […]

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Approaching Rails Legacy Systems Chapter 4: Understand your tests

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are many different kinds of testing you can use in your projects, but in this last chapter, rather than discussing the techniques or these tests, we are going to cover some things you can use and benefit from to get a full understanding of your project. Keep reading the last part o this blog post series! Squint Test Squint test your files. Open any specific file, take a step back, and squint your eyes. By doing this you can have a complete idea and full view of your code architecture. Check those basic elements (classes, methods, objects). Identity the […]

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QA Automation: 7 FAQs

Reading Time: 3 minutes The question of when you should switch between manual testing and automation is difficult to answer, but sometimes it’s right when you’re starting with automation, so here are some of my concerns about it.   FAQ 1 One of the most common questions in automation is: Can I learn automation testing with no programming skills? The short answer is no. In order to start with automation, you must improve your programming skills, on top of being a great manual tester. FAQ 2 Do I need to know a particular programming language? No, there are lots of languages you can use […]

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Approaching Rails Legacy Systems Chapter 3: Where to start?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Well, where to start? If you are reading this article, you must have read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of this Approaching Rails Legacy Systems series by now. In this one, we’re going to get into our codebase and do some analysis and auditing to know how things are in there. We’re going to use the DRY principle and some statistics analysis tools that will let you discover some things about it.   Don’t Repeat Yourself: DRY Don’t repeat yourself (DRY) is a principle of software development aimed at reducing repetition of software pattern. It does it replacing it with […]

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The Real Value of the Quality Assurance Team

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a software development project, different teams contribute to creating a digital product; one of those is Quality Assurance. The QA Team adds significant value to the project, resulting in a stable product with the highest quality. But, what value can this area add to the internal team? How can QA improve the product? QA Team in a software development project In software development it’s usually expected that the final product meets the business’s requirements, having sustainable economic results. But, in order to achieve that, it’s necessary to improve the processes and methods used during in the product’s life cycle. […]

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