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Best Custom Hooks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn how Custom Hooks can help you to solve specific problems in your React Projects. Here is a list of some of those hooks with an explanation about when and how to use them.   Custom Hooks React hooks starting from version 16.8 allow you to use state and other React features without the need of writing a class. One of their features is to build your own Hooks (Custom Hook) which allow you to extract the component logic and turn it into reusable functions. Now, let’s talk about custom hooks that can help you solve a specific problem. usePrevious […]

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Empathy and Compassion: People Management Series 3

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a leader working with teams, it is important to understand Empathy and Compassion. Understanding this concepts applied to People Management will help you improve your employees’ performance, your clients’ satisfaction and the company’s organizational culture development. Want to know more? Keep reading the third of a series of tips on how to become a better people manager.   It is your job, we will have a meeting at 8:00 am because it is within your working hours, someone else can take your child to school. I heard this from a friend, a single parent, who was told this at […]

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How to be a Professional Software Developer

Reading Time: 11 minutes Nowadays it is relatively easy to become a software developer, but being a truly professional one is not that simple. Learn here how to be the developer that every company and every client wants to have. Context first Being a professional developer is crucial in the software industry. Many developers are not working in a professional manner and this will bring a lot of trouble for both the client and developer in the future: maintenance, scalability, performance, security, these are just a few issues that will emerge and will put the project in danger.If that happens it is usual that […]

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Understanding Redux Saga

Reading Time: 3 minutes You may ask yourself: Why do I need Redux Saga if I already have Redux? When working with React Native you will see there are many options for developers to manage the global state. In this blog post we will be talking about "Redux Saga" (RS),a middleware library used to allow a Redux store to interact with resources outside of itself asynchronously. I hope this blog post helps you analyze what the best tools for your next projects are! Intro Redux Saga allows us to use API calls and side effects. If you use RS you would be working all […]

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Success: People Management Series 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a leader working with teams, it is important to understand Success. It is also important to prepare your teammates and to give them what they need to succeed. Understanding this will improve your People Management. Want to know why and how? Keep reading the second of a series of tips on how to become a better people manager.   Every now and then, during a 1–1 or performance review, I like to ask: Have you been successful? / Are you successful? How curious have been the answers, so varied and so similar at the same time, with a common […]

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Modern Web Applications with Hotwire

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hotwire is a new HTML-over-Websockets framework developed by Basecamp. Its purpose is to perform real-time DOM-patching using ActionCable and JavaScript. Why use Hotwire? Rails views can sometimes be fast and work perfectly, but some other times they can cause all kinds of problems. For example, one of the most common situations is rendering a lot of partials that can make the application look slow. That could happen especially when the programmer is not careful about anti-patterns associated with Rails views.     Also, JavaScript has been used as an alternative to dynamically update our content without having to refresh the […]

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Leadership Tips for Improving Your Team’s Performance

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here’s an article written by one of the best leaders at MagmaLabs on how to become a great leader. Read the tips and the book recommendations to Become a truly Effective Leader. Leaders are made, not born “Leaders are made, not born”, have you ever heard this premise? What do you think about it? For sure, there are people out there with innate qualities that predispose them to be leaders. To be a leader could also depend on many factors, such as birthplace, family, education (formal and informal), circle of friends, and more. But, I think leaders are mostly made. […]

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#WeAreMagma: A culture of belonging

Reading Time: 3 minutes #WeAreMagma At MagmaLabs we recognize ourselves as growth-oriented professionals with strong core values. So far, we have been functioning and working as a team together towards our common goals with these guiding principles and fundamental beliefs: Passion & Hunger Passion & Hunger to persevere and be consistent, to keep ourselves motivated to continue “hunting”; this help us define our concept of grit. Passion to persevere means we are consistent with our goals. And, Hunger is our ability to defeat failures through hard work. We must keep a strong desire for being the best at what we do and to keep […]

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How to get the most out of Heroku Pipelines

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Pipeline is a collection of apps relating to a single codebase. This is a blog post on how to get the most out of your available tools and ensuring your review apps will remain in Heroku’s free tier.  A Heroku Pipeline is a group of Heroku apps that have the same codebase; each one of these apps is in a different stage of a CI/CD workflow: Review App Staging Production Development During development, a Review App can be configured to be deployed with each pull request. As a matter of fact, when a PR is created, Heroku will deploy […]

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How to Build Your First Shopify App

Reading Time: 4 minutes The ecommerce market is growing. And there are a lot of ideas coming up for building online stores. The demand for creating digital products is increasing and one of the easiest ways to develop them is with Shopify. In this guide, we tell you how to build your first Shopify app in 4 steps. Before starting What if you have that cool solution when your store is one in a million and you want to share it with the world? And, why not get some money out of this cool solution? Well, if you are here, I suppose you know […]

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